Uniting together, Caring for all, Seeking God

Harvest Service

At the Harvest service on 16th October 2016 there was a very big collection of food for Swansea food bank. Adding to the regular weekly collections to this charity.

The windows were decorated to show gifts people have.100_5255

On the Communion table was bread shaped as a wheat sheaf, salt, water and coal.


Window representing building and planning


Window representing Caring and sharing


Window representing gardening and growing


Window representing Making and Creating


Window representing preaching and teaching


Window representing singing and dancing

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Uniting Church Sketty

Praying with music......Wind Chime Bridge - Denmark ...

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Uniting Church Sketty

Prayer doesn’t have to be passive. Prayer can also be active if you are fit and able.If the heat bothers you, plant a tree.
If the water bothers you, plant a tree.
If you like fruit, plant a tree.
If you like birds, plant a tree.
And if you love life, plant a lot of trees.

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