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Uniting Church Sketty is an open and welcoming church for people from all walks of life who seek to learn more about Jesus Christ.  If you are new to church or if you are looking for a church or if you simply have questions about life, then we think you might find a home with us.  Why?  Because we too are people who have questions, but we have found it better to seek God together than alone. We seek God, but in fact we know deep in our hearts that first God sought us – it’s just that sometimes, somehow, we fail to notice and grasp this.  And so we come to worship on Sundays, desiring more than anything to connect with God and to connect with each other.  There are other opportunities through the week which also offer the chance to connect. If you want to join us on a Sunday or at one of our weekday activities, you will be very welcome.


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Merciful God, forgive us when are too quick to label others good or bad when we ourselves are both wheat and weed. Give us patience amidst the injustices of today and yet sustain our vision for a world transformed for good tomorrow. Amen. Our prayer inspired by the lectionary readings this week, further pointers for reflection here: caid.org.uk/pcyYdG

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